Stock building

As indicated, we started with the pigeons from Romein-Klein, the basis of which comes from the best of Danny van de Vrede, Klaas van Dorp and Frank Klein's own strain. With this variety we were able to excel in the Vitesse and Middle Distance. In the meantime there are only a few pigeons of that kind in the loft, since I will focus entirely on the one day long distance. Pigeons were purchased for the one day long distance from W. Noorlander (Krimpen aan den IJssel) but also from Henk Marsman (Zwartsluis, 2018/2019), Henri and Mark van de Berg (IJsselmuiden 2018, 2021) Geerlings van Duin (Noordwijkerhout 2020), Rien and Irving van Oss (Velddriel 2020/2021) and Gerard Koopman (Ermerveen 2022). In this way I also hope to gain more foothold in the one day long distance in our strong department.

There is therefore no question of a tribe of its own and that will also take the necessary years to build up. There are now 3e generation of pigeons in the loft from a pigeon that is slowly becoming a stock cock, namely Rambo.

William received this pigeon in 2015 from the now deceased fancier Jan Cornelisse. Children from this cock, but especially grandchildren in 2022, perform well in the one day long distance, both in our own loft and elsewhere. In the coming years we will look for the couplings that bring us pigeons that can fly head-to-head from 450-700 km.